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Gianni Versace, an exceptional designer, founded Versace Tiles in 1978 with the goal of bringing his famous design talent into the tile sector. He established Versace Tiles in Milan and quickly became a supplier to numerous countries. Thanks to its artistic designs and unparalleled variety, Versace has become a go-to brand for high-end Italian tiles in Queens and Brooklyn, NY.

Versace's tiles are crafted with the finest raw materials, ensuring the highest quality standards. The elegant effects that Versace's tiles are renowned for are a result of their meticulous material selection and commitment to luxury. Due to their commitment to quality, Versace is a preferred brand for tiles in Queens, NY.

If you're looking to add a touch of timeless elegance to any space, look no further than Versace tiles. Our showroom in Queens, NY, offers a wide range of Versace products, and our skilled representatives are on hand to help you choose the perfect tiles for your project. With Versace tiles, creating a sophisticated ambiance has never been easier. Let us help you design your dream space today.


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