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CLIP LS COMPACT 1.5 MM(3/64) 500

CLIP LS COMPACT 1.5 MM(3/64) 500
CLIP LS COMPACT 1.5 MM(3/64) 500
  • Model: SP-CL-LS-1.5MM-500
Clip per Bag500 pcs
Thickness3/64 (1.5 mm)
Trim Technical Info
Country of OriginSpain

- COMPACT is a Heavy-Duty, High-Performance Leveling System best in the market for leveling tiles and preventing lippage. 

- UNLIKE MOST LEVELING SYSTEMS, Compact tile spacer clips have been scientifically engineered, and made from a combination of high strength nylon and polyamide to yield an exceptional even and leveled finish

(note the online reviews). 

- Not only that, but they also serve a dual purpose. Once the clip tops have been removed from their bases, due to their special wedge shape, they can be used as tiling support wedges and spacers.